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  1. Hello, I'm looking to create a web interface for one of my plugins so that way my administrators have an easy to use controll panel to manage players. I've already got the entirety of the plugin done except 1 part.
    I can't figure out how to get the website controll panel to communicate with my server, and the plugin. I've tride SQL and PHP but to no avail. I'm asking for suggestions on how to acomplish this connection and ideas as to how to aproach sending or reciving information. Thanks in advance, and please note that I'm not asking for someone to send me the completed code needed for this. I only want suggestions on how to aproach this.
  2. (First of all, this probably should be in the Spigot Plugin Developement Forum.)
    What have you tried?
  3. If you read the entirety of my post above you'll find the answer to your question. :)
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  5. Database storage (not h2/sqlite) with php is the only way I know of. What issues did you encounter when trying this method?
  6. I had 2 issues. 1 was that the plugin wasn't able to figure out when I pressed a button on the controll panel. I had to make the plugin auto check to see if a button was pressed rather than just acting when a button was pressed. that was with using the database. I've been told by some java developers over at that I should use HTTP requests, but I can't figure out how to implement that into my plugin.
    Any ideas?
  7. If you're using PHP, you'll need a POST request to the database. This might help.
  8. I would use one of following for backend:
    - Java EE (or any other JVM language, like Clojure or Kotlin)
    - Golang
    - Rust
    - Crystal

    From here on out you can store data, and retrieve them. Retrofit is a great way to code paths in your plugin to GET / POST to.
    PHP does indeed work, but I would refrain from it.

    Store the data in memory in some form, or just on disk, and load it once you need it for the admins.
  9. Can you explain what you mean by backend?