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  1. Hello members of spigot!
    I was feeling bored just now and wanted to make a new plugin. I went and talked with some of my friends, and they said make something unique that no one has made before. I went around in a single player world as to what I could make, but I really couldn't think of any that could become a possible big hit. So, if you have any good ideas that you want me to make into a plugin (it cannot be private), I will be happy to make it if you could say it down bellow. (Extra note, if this plugin has been done before, I will just reply with the link to it, and sorry, no minigames)

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  2. Well personally I didn't have time to look at this yet, but armor stands seem to have quite a bit of potential. For example:

    I'd say with a bit of tinkering they could produce something slick.
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  3. @nikmanG
    Thanks for the good idea! I will see what I can get out of armour stands.