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Discussion in 'Skript' started by DrMoose, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. As i dont have anything to do when i come back from school, i was wondering, i might make some skripts, but i dont have any ideas, so im asking you guys on what should you like me to create!

    No minigames - Not enough experience with skript
    No anticheats - Same with minigames
    Basically, nothing hard - and again the same thing, not much experience with skript.

    Just post your ideas down below, if you want, and ill respond if i could make or couldnt/wouldnt make. Simple as that.
  2. Why don't you experiment with the start of basic minigame type things? You'll never get there if you keep avoiding it.
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  3. 1 Question has been resolved, but another comes up, what type ? I legit got no ideas..... And if i get some, i just think they are too hard

    {Edit}: I might try to make a survival games skript, but i dont know how to implement more than one map, and also the chest drop thing.
  4. Don't get angry.
    Take your time and learn Java
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  5. I will do it when i go to university.
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  6. @DrMoose Maybe add all of the maps to the same world?


    3 Survival Maps 10000 air blocks between each other so player's can't see the other
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  7. Oh, that might actually work, but i think 10k blocks is just too much, i might do 2000 or something. Players still wont be able to see the other map
  8. Better to get an early start. Just saying
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