Ideas to help my plugin get premium?

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  1. Hello! I have made plugin and I want to make it premium for $1 to raise money for my minecraft server. So far it has:

    - Auto ignite tnt
    - Explosive arrows
    - Snowbombs
    - Fireball Shooting Guns
    - Eggs that do damage and confusion
    - Slimeballs that shoot webs

    Any more ideas on what I can put in it that will get it to reach premium requirements?
  2. You don't need specific plugin features to make your plugin premium, at least i think so. To make it premium you just need at least i think 20 posts and be present on spigot for a week? Correct me if im wrong.
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  3. X8Reap3rZ are correct, 20 posts and one week on the forums are the requirements. I dont think you can change a plugin between premium and free. Maybe ask MD5 if you can but idk any plugins that have done it.
  4. Well they keep denying it to be premium :/
  5. What is the reason?
  6. @Auzzi What plugin are you making? (ex: fun)
  7. A Minigames Booster c: Fun I guess x3

    Well they think it is a hub gadget when its not.... ._.
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  8. How does it work?
  9. Well, there are no permissions. Its meant for everyone to have fun. Exploding arrows when you shoot a bow, snowballs as hand grenades, eggs that cause confusion and do damage of 1x heart, and some more :)
  10. I suggest messaging a moderator/admin to figure out whats wrong
  11. Sounds very much like a hub plugin to me, and they're are plenty of hub plugins out there. Me thinks you aren't telling us something. Also, I don't see many features within this, however it might be enough to be a free plugin. If you're in if for cash and not doing because you like doing it, you ain't going anywhere.

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  12. Well I'm in it because I like doing it ofc. I also need the money to support my server :) (Well ,,not need but thats where the money will go)
  13. Contrition much? If you don't need the cash for your server, you don't need to be selling plugins that you made because you can.
  14. Well I do need the cash, I just didn't mean for it to come out sounding like Mr. Krabs or something.

    Also, HUB Gadgets wouldnt have auto igniting tnt, and explosives.
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  15. Ugh, I hope your plugin never gets approved. There is a reason for it not being approved, and you're not even telling us that. "It's a hub plugin" isn't the reason at all because there are many hub core plugins that are paid here, and to be honest your plugin is lacking soo many features, I wouldn't even want it to be a free plugin. There is a reason why the system isn't wanting you to post it, and thats because you're lacking detail. Looking through your feature list, what is it even meant to do?
    Yes, this comment may be harsh but there is a reason why your server isn't getting funded and there is a reason why they don't want your paid resource. @Auzzi offered to assist you and see your plugin, however you spat in his face by telling him no to the help you're asking for.

    Main edit:
    If you are the problem and not your plugin, that would explain why they don't want you posting a paid resource. Looking like someone who simply is stealing code(Using someone elses code for personal gain) isn't gonna help you out.
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  16. It's because you need to put atleast one plugin for free ;)
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  17. Please treat people with respect. You are treating everyone like trash here when they are trying to offer you help. If your server isn't getting money then it's probably because it isn't unique or great. Instead of asking/trying to get money, please do more stuff to your server. I have seen multiple plugins with these kind of features which makes it not worth $1. You also are not really great with Java so you still need to learn which means you won't be able to provide support for a premium plugin. You will be asking others for help which isn't fair for them either because they helped you in the process of making this.

    Sorry if I sound like a dick but this really annoys me nowadays.