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  1. In iDisguise I am trying to disguise as non existent players that arnt actually accounts. Like random words, which you can turn into your own fake player. You can do this by doing: /d player (Ex) iowqjdqi. Even if this isn't a real player it will still disguise you as that name. These names rant real players, just made up ones. This disguise won't have the skin, but it will have the name tag. I am using 1.8.

    I am trying to use this system to create my own disguises on my server, but I need help because I have ran into problems. When disguising as these fake characters, it will not let you capitalize names. So for example if I wanted:
    /d player TJappalatain, It would disguise me as: tjappalation. I know this is a minor problem but I would like to know how to allow capitalization in iDisguise, and if I can't, please suggest other plugins that do not have this problem. Thank you.
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