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Some options for iDisguise

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  2. Hi, could you add a language.yml ?
  3. Just download the new update :)
  4. Hi again,

    Thank you for responding quickly. When I start my server, I see this error in the console :


    I have iDisguise and IDisguiseAdditions up to date !
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  5. Well, it turns out that I'm a really silly person :D

    There have been some changes to iDisguise itself which have not been published yet. But iDisguiseAdditions 1.1 already depends on them. So you will have to wait until the official release of these changes for iDisguiseAdditions to work properly. But this shouldn't take too long, the update will be out in a few days.
  6. It's ok ! Thanks :)
  7. As of version 1.2, iDisguiseAdditions requires iDisguise 5.5.1 or higher to be installed. So just go and download that version and everything will work properly :)
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  9. Nice Plugin i will use it for my Server
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  10. First, I apologize for my late answer. I've just started my study of physics which takes almost all of my free time :)

    I'm going to investigate this problem as soon as I find time for it (probably tomorrow). I will send you a private message when I can make any progress.
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  11. ty for the enfort, anyway there is a issue with disguise + invisiblity potion where disguise is not removed and make the player full invisible, dunno if is related to your plugin or the original one
  12. I have already fixed the error (from hastebin) a few days ago. Just go and download iDisguise 5.6.5-SNAPSHOT #1 from over here: https://www.robingrether.de/idisguise/
  13. Please
    undisguise.disable.attack.mobs disable disguised players targeted attack monsters

    • won’t be attacked by monsters unless the undisguise attacks first. (example Vampire massivecraft)