If Factions is installed Essentials Group Formats don't work.

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  1. I've tried it many times now, when i remove factions it works fine but when i add it back my name appears as the default <Name> <messsage>.
    I'm running Factions and MCore version 2.7.5 and the latest Essentials here from Spigot. I also have Vault and it's updated.

    Here is my essentials group formats config, but my factions config is default, nothing changed but i couldn't see any config options to fix it.

    edit: nvm fixed
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  2. Same. How did you fixed it ?
  3. in the factions mconf I think it is, Theres a line within that is chat format.
  4. Yop got it to works, thank
  5. "chatSetFormat": false,
    Is that supposed to be true so my Essentials chat formats work?
  6. How did you fix it? PLEASE HELP