If Mojang wrote you an email to comply with their EULA what would you do?

Discussion in 'Drama' started by Fonzee9, Sep 14, 2016.

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  1. Nope i've already managed to get 20 people on my server to use SquidHQ the results are good. Btw my server only has 20 a day so yeah.
  2. I think i speak for a lot of server owners when i say that the reason the eula isn't fair is because they didn't have it when they started the game they suddenly pushed it out in 2014 then in 2016 made it stricter.
  3. There basically ripping server owners off with their EULA Minecraft wasn't about that it was about being able to do whatever you want.
  4. shh...
    Who knows more about what Minecraft is about? The people who own it, or you?
  5. MineCove


    Whether I decide to comply or not, I'll handle all communications with Mojang respectfully and professionally. There is literally, absolutely, zero gain in telling the individual under the 'Brandon' alias to fuck off or likewise. Again - You gain nothing by being hostile with them. There, I put it in bold.

    Act like a child throwing a tantrum and you'll be treated as such. My correspondence with Mojang has always been with the utmost respect and all of my e-mails are responded to thoroughly and swiftly. They are not going to back down to your threats. Instead theyl'll simply be curt with their responses, if they decide to respond at all.

    For your own sake - Lose the macho attitude in your response to Mojang. You are shooting yourself in the foot if you don't.
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  6. I would send them an email back.
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  7. This should be moved to drama forum.

    On the topic, I would inquire where did I break the EULA and send them the details of my donation shop and permissions include with them. Including links to the plugin that are granted to the donators. My only concern is the voting = donation issue.

    At any case, at AEnasan, we do not have to concern 'server unpaid', I have make sure that all our subscription expenses are being considered at least 10 times before we decides and thus our expenses is below $50 a month. And I have office job, my job pay this server. In addition that we are doing a niche genre and do not expect 100+ active players at any given time, pretty sure the expenses is -adequate-.
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  8. Honestly the EULA didnt go too far until it came to voting until then Mojang was just protecting its property
  9. Microsoft makes changes as seen best for their profits for that quarter regardless of the optimal option for the long term
  10. they would blacklist just the subdomain. Just like they did with all the ddns stuff. Hell, they can even block the ip behind the domain. You'll be safe with a buttload of hostnames and a buttload of IPs, though. as evidenced by the 3 blacklisted servers that keep bypassing with ease.
  11. MiniDigger


    that is a horrible UX tho. which user wants to search for a new domain every time he wants to play? you will loose a percentage on every switch
  12. They don't have to. SRV records bypass the blacklist. The users would still connect to the same domain, and the domain the srv record points to is the one that changes whenever it gets blacklisted. It's so easy to circumvent that the blacklist is basically pointless.
  13. There taking away the idea to make Money off of Minecraft its hard to just do cosmetics no one really wants that would you pay for that?
  14. People still donate to Eula compliant servers? (just less)
  15. That's my point i only donated to servers for an advantage if it didn't give me it i wouldn't have donated back then for just particles etc.
  16. People donate to keep the server up not to get advantage, if they do it for advantage their donation is worthless.
  17. Maybe in a small server where people know everyone else xD...
  18. Most of them are kids, they won't bug their parents to keep the server up, they probably don't even know that donations are what keeps the server alive. Most people don't donate, they want something in return.
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  19. The whole point of a business is profit. If a certain change is not good for the product, then it will do bad and thus not profit. And they do greatly care about the long term, because for as long as the future exists, future profit will exist too.

    Microsoft (or any living human being) would be foolish NOT to maximize profits to their fullest extent!
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  20. I agree %100 with you.
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