Solved If statement and message not called

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  1. Edit: solved problem was caused by another plugin
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  2. DavidDevelops


    :/ Did you TRY to find out why? Its simple to be honest..
    If nothing under the
    if (configX == spawnerX && configY == spawnerY && configZ == spawnerZ) {
    is working that means the fix statement is not passing?
    I can tell nothing is working below it simply because the message would send else wise :/
    So what are you asking? are you asking why the if statement is never passing?
  3. the if statment works as the last part of that code is
    Code (Java):
                p.sendMessage("You broke a spawner");
    which gets called.....
  4. Are you sure that you haven't used the message anywhere else?
    Other then that, the whole code would be appreciated
  5. My bad, I had multiple Threads up this wasn't meant to go here