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  1. Hello, Recently I saw lots of leaked plugins in various websites, "Blackspigot" is one of them. I dont like leaked plugins because developers spend hours coding for people and later other people distribute his/her plugin in websites for free.
    For that, I just created a tool for finding your leaked plugin in various websites. My tool searches in the database of Blackspigot and Leakedforums for your plugin and if my tool finds the plugin, it will display a notice for you.

    Here is the link: https://leaked.theexelab.net/index

    Thank you!
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  2. Wow.. that's an amazing and unique tool! Nice job dude!
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  3. Well this is not helping if not mentioning the website(s) where its leaked.

    You maybe also want to add
    Code (Text):
    DirectoryIndex index.php
    to your .htaccess
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  4. Hex

    IRC Staff

    Your icon and the logo in the upper-left hand corner gives the false impression that your tool is in some way affiliated with us in an official capacity.
    Also, what? [​IMG]
  5. Please do not mention where it was leaked. It will only work against you, and make it so leakers will use this website to find out where it was leaked.
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  6. I used Spigot icons because the tool searches for leaked spigot plugins ....
    And im not affiliated (i wish)
  7. I looked up my premium plugin 'HCFEssentials' and it said it wasn't leaked. It's been leaked for almost a year on LF. At least the first shitty and buggy version is.
  8. My team is working to add more leaked plugins to the database, we have +878 plugins added and every minute we add more.
  9. [25/06/2016 19:11 ARG] +120 Leaked plugins added
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  10. Great tool, I've tested 2 of the @Maximvdw and it gave me these results:
    :( Ok now for the AirBar...
    It works fine. Thanks for telling us the link! :)
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  11. Thank you for making this website. My friends and I were going to start making our own plugins and it would be great to know if they were leaked.
  12. Yeah! You can subscribe to receive alerts at real-time: https://leaked.theexelab.net/subscribe
  13. Thank you too for the support
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  14. Btw, you shouldnt be searching for total words. Like if I search AuctionHouse vs if I search Auction House. It would be better if both brought up the same resullts. Idk, if it is too hard but try making it so it searches for looking alike.
  15. Yep, we are trying to implement plugin-tags for easy searching.
  16. We will make our own premium resource website with latest anti-piracy methods for difficult (almost impossible). For doing that we need the support from you for buying a domain.