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Discussion in 'Programming' started by MrPlug, Jun 25, 2016.

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  1. Hello, Recently I saw lots of leaked plugins in various websites, "Blackspigot" is one of them. I dont like leaked plugins because developers spend hours coding for people and later other people distribute his/her plugin in websites for free.
    For that, I just created a tool for finding your leaked plugin in various websites. My tool searches in the database of Blackspigot and Leakedforums for your plugin and if my tool finds the plugin, it will display a notice for you.

    Here is the link: https://leaked.theexelab.net/index

    Thank you!

    Actually: Working in new anti-piracy method.
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  2. Nice work +1

    Nouu! We found 'SuperGuilds' in BlackSpigot
  3. [25/06/2016 19:11 ARG] +120 Leaked plugins added
  4. Neat tool but... Couldn't you just use google..?
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  5. We are implementing automatic searching. It is more easy. Our big database keeps searching for new leaks.
  6. I'm someone who buys Resources and this is pissing me off with all the leaked sites.. I have purchased 120 Resources from spigot and to see people getting versions of them for free makes me very irritated. I wish I could go to the DMCA website and report the plugins but I don't own them so I don't think I could do that ;(

    Thank you for making a tool for developers to search for their resources! I hope a lot of them will use it and get their resources removed.

    One Resource that needs to get removed from the leaked sites is EpicWorldGenerator. That plugin cost me a lot of money and the people getting it for free, fucking piss me off..
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  7. Well.. you can share our page with the developers, doing that they can issue a DMCA notice for the websites
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  8. I've been doing that.
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  9. Great! Thank you.
  10. If you are a developer and need a DMCA takedown notice, please contact me.

    Thank you ;)
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  11. I have contacted 21 plugin dev's. I hope some of them respond and get their plugins removed! :)
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  12. Thank you for helping the developers and sharing our website. :D
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  13. Some information on blackspigot.xyz if anyone is interested or if this helps anyone great.
    The website is obviously under cloudflare, i have sent several requests to cloudflare, they mentioned that the internet service provider is Time Warner Cable (Road Runner). However upon contacting RR, they claimed that that was incorrect.

    The person running the website is WifiSpy (TheRealWishlistBen), and has registered the domains at godaddy. You can email them at [email protected] (possible name) Ben Stapleton.

    Not sure what i can do at this point for this website since the isp claims it isnt them, yet the passthrough network, cloudflare says they are. all i can do is take down the adfly account and links. If anyone has any suggestions on this, let me know.
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  14. Hello cyberpwn,
    My team found your plugin in Blackspigot and LeakForums.
    You can contact WifiSpy and request he if he can delete your resource from the website. If he doesn't delete the resource, then you can issue a DMCA takedown notice (https://www.dmca.com/Cases/Edit.aspx).
    Later, you can contact adfly, send to they the link of your leaked resource and request they to delete the link.
    Also you can contact the Hosting to take down the website for redistributing paid files.
    weiyun.com is the hoster of the file, so you can report your plugin.
    If you need help, or if you want our experts remove your content from Blackspigot please PM me.​
    Thank you
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  15. I'd like to talk about this, mainly becuase i have already done that. All of that. However, it causes problems when an ISP that is hosting it claims they arent. Which makes cloudflare undable to help. At this point i can only take down the uploaded files, but the weiyun sends an automated response back telling me to explain my reasons... funny? i thought i did 4 times? So i cant take that one down.

    Also, i am not just doing this for myself. There are a lot of really good developers doing amazing and creative things being destroyed on this website. I dont want to take all of this down just for myself. Its been going on way to long for it to be personal.
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  16. Looks like they are very busy adding all premium good resources that you can find here on spigot. Question is how do they get the plugins?
  17. He has a user who purchased it and sends him the copies
    The copies are then modified so you cant use the UID/NONCE values to figure it out
    Then distribs to bsmc
  18. So, if no one take downs the file, issue a notice in the DMCA website (https://www.dmca.com/Cases/Edit.aspx) and put the name of weiyun
  19. They work is very simple.
    • A user buys a resource
    • Then that resource is sent to Blackspigot
    • Blackspigot deletes a class for checking if the plugin is leaked
    • Ready! Plugin leaked and ready for redistribution
  20. Well, in my financial situation that would be pointless, since he can just reupload it. Switch domains, and boom.
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