Bug If you opened dispute, you will lost your resource

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    In the end it is clearly stated in the rules what happens when you open a dispute. Just because you don’t like the outcome doesn’t make it a bug..
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  2. posted on discussion board but I was ignored
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  3. [​IMG]

    the author does not warn about the destruction of the world in the description

    the author posted that I had 2 days to request refund

    in some cases the guarantee of a refund encourages you to decide to buy the pluging ;)
  4. the point is that I understand that spigot is not responsible for the published plugins, but I think it is responsible for not banning scammers or penalizing :confused: ... It's not fair to the buyer
  5. As someone who has continously had chargebacks open just because the users like you fail to even tag the developer by using @superbrian12 for example. It annoys me to death when users just chargeback for failing to even try to contact me claiming that x bug exists and basicly think that that gets them attention. In my mind that is scamming the developer.
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  6. Okaay.. So what kind of premium plugin does world destruction ?
  7. Spigot should do liem bukkit, moderate ressource, if they’re not, WHAT’S THE USE OF MODS? Saying predefined messages in forums? Saying anything to get their forum out of their way.
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  8. That's a rude statement. And I'm sure Spigot mods are way better than that.
  9. an plugin with bugs
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  10. As a consumer not developer, I can see both sides of the coin, but some replies in here make me facepalm.

    Someone said "If you recieved a product you paid for you cannot charge back" that is wrong. Someone can have their entire plugin explained on their resource page under the name "PremiumPlugin" then you purchase it, and it ends up being a plugin that does not include anything that is being advertised, false advertising is one of the reasons charge back exists.

    However, I don't condone charging back just because the product is not what you think it was but it has everything that it has described. It's up to the buyer to look through what the plugin holds feature wise and whether it would suit them.

    If you respect and care so much about the community as you state OP then you would've went out of your way to contact the developer and not just give a half assed comment in the discussion thread of a plugin. Private messages exist.
  11. I doubt Spigot's resource system will update, like ever. The resource system is already broken and nothing has been done to fix it in months. Just post your resources on another platform (PM for link), where the developer actually has control over their work.
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    If you're going to hop from thread to thread doing nothing but complaining about how Spigot has such a horrible platform, why are you still here? :unsure: Every reply I've seen from you is very critical against the platform, so you're welcome to leave whenever you'd like.
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  13. Because I do whatever I want chocolate boi. If you don't like my replies just ignore me :)
  14. If you do a chargeback that hurts the developer. Why do you need the product if you do a chargeback. I bought a touch pad for a mac the other day. I got it and it was defective. So I am sending his product back so he can refund it. Same. You did a chargeback you got a refund that means the developer need to close access to that product for you.

    Are you one of those entitled millennials?
  15. yes, when the author modify the plugingin and immediately I cancelled the chargeback, but now I dont have acces to the plugin ...that is scam

    what if you don't receive a touchpad return?

    he laid ... is SCAM .... and he don't receive punish :confused: and spigot allow this
  16. Spigot allows way more than that @jume , publishing plugins on SpigotMC is like throwing someone in a pit full of snakes.
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  17. The developer doesn't choose whether to add you back. The XF resources addon removes people when they open a dispute. If you ask the developer nicely and apologise for the time you've wasted, then he might add you back. However, when people open disputes and chargebacks against me, I stop all communication and just fight the chargeback on my own.
  18. If you had the slightest idea of what other platforms are offering, you wouldn't rate my reply as funny. Your loss @jume
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  19. he say "once closed, you can re-download again"
  20. Does the plugin say it offers refunds?

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