If you wish to use IP forwarding, please enable it in your BungeeCord config as well help!!

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  1. I want to use this BungeeCord WITHOUT having to disable online-mode. Any Ideas?
  2. Unfortunatly You Cant Play On Servers Linked To BungeeCord ,
    I Do Not Like Having My Servers In Offline Mode
    I Recommend Enabling IP-Forward In Your BungeeCord Config
    And Enabling BungeeCord In Your Spigot.YML On Your Non-Bungee Servers [Offline Servers]
    Hopefully A New Update Will Come To Bungee Soon Where There Is No Offline Mode Unless You Want
    There To Be , You Could Always Use LilyPad As A Proxy Server ...
    Hopefully I Helped
  3. Running a Minecraft server in online mode with BungeeCord is impossible. BungeeCord needs the server in offline mode in order to correctly forward a player's session to that server from another.

    Is it seriously necessary to capitalize literally every single word you said?
  4. @magicmq Its My Keyboard.. It Does It Automatically...
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