if you wish to use ip forwarding ...

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  1. hi =)

    I have a problem me and somes players cant connect " if you wish to use ip forwarding please enable it in your bungeecord config as well"

    but it is enabled
    my bungeecord config https://paste.md-5.net/cimuyahogo.tex

    logs https://paste.md-5.net/siwepofube.xml I think it because I add spongePls so now all the people connected with forge have this error

    I don't know what to do

    thanks to help me :)
  2. do your servers have bungeecord mode enabled
  3. yes bungeecord: true
  4. In bungee config, enable IP forwarding.

    In your Spigot servers, disable online mode (in server.properties) and set bungeecord as true in spigot.yml
  5. that's I do
    In server properties of each server I have online-mode=false
    in spigot.yml of each server I have bungeecord: true

    in bungeecord config :

    ip_forward: true
    forge_support: true

    exactly that I checked and checked again for each server

  6. Then it should work. Have you restarted all Spigot AND bungee servers so the configuration is applied?
  7. yes i restart 2 times each servers and bungeecord to be sure
  8. Does the bungee server have online-mode enabled?

    Please post all relevant config files in that case.