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  1. Is there a way I can send the player's names in a straight line and not like this? (I'm using an ArrayList)

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    This can be accomplished using String::join.

    Code (Java):
    List<String> data = new ArrayList<>();

    String combined = String.join(", ", data);
    This will separate each element by a comma and space.
  3. Can you give me an example of how will I send that in a msg?
  4. You would have to loop through the players, add them to the list, then use the String#join method to concatenate them. From there, you can do a normal p.sendMessage or Bukkit.getServer().broadcastMessage to send it.
  5. for same reason I have twice the first name that I added
    Code (Text):
    final static ArrayList<UUID> Staff = new ArrayList<UUID>();      

    List<String> data = new ArrayList<>();
            for(UUID staff : Staff)
                String combined = String.join(", ", data);

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  6. Strahan


    The join and message should happen at the end, not during the loop. Also you shouldn't use a compound method for something that may fail. For example, if one of your staff members aren't on the plugin will crash.
  7. I am putting a method to check if the staff is online or not this is just my test method but thx for the advice
  8. I get it thx everyone
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