Illegal to Sell Things on Servers? {Parents Question}

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  1. I have a unique problem. I have been running a server for about 1 year now and this problem has just come up, is it illegal to sell things online w/o tax? I use the enjin store plg and when someone buys a rank there is no tax and when my parents heard I was making money from the server, they got pretty mad. They say that it's illegal to get money without paying a tax. Is this true? Please give an answer with some sort of proof so that I can settle this once and for all.
  2. Tax lawyers
  3. It depends. If im not mistaken, if you don't get x amount of money annually from this source you don't need to. I might be wrong however.
  4. Where i life you can make 450€ per month without having to pay taxes

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    In the us you need to have both

    200 payments
    20,000 dollars made

    Before you are required to pay taxes. If you meet both requirements above paypal will send you a 1099k and report your income to the irs. If you do not meet the above requirements you do not have to pay taxes. This only applies to the us. Not sure about other countries.
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  6. Uh no, it does not work that way in the United States. Online sales almost never require taxes even on Amazon, etc. You may, however, need to file taxes with the IRS if you make over a certain amount. (, but even if you do, it's relatively easy if you're young and all you're running is a Minecraft server.
  7. Check with a your state's rules as well as your country to make sure, you don't want to get in trouble.
  8. I believe (please remember I am not a lawyer and double check before assuming anything) that if you earn less than $600 a year in the US it doesn't require filing taxes.
  9. Pour moi, si vous 20-30 dollars/months it's good
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