i'm a noob with server hosting - need advices (small budget ~20USD website/domain/.. included)

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  1. Hello, i've never hosted anything, not even a single web page(except on localhost but that doesn't really count), i want to host a small server with ~40players, only 1server(not a bungee/hexacord/waterfall/... or subservers thingy using lot of memory). At first, i wanted to host it on Contabo, but seeing the bad reviews they got i think i'm gonna host it on kimsufi(i saw it on multiples threads as a great host for low budget). One problem: i'm a total noob.
    I don't know anything about the hardwares/... required to run my server (~40players max, only one server, but maybe memory/ressource demanding plugins)
    i'm planning on buying either dedicated server KS-2E or a vps at approximately the same price.
    1. Would it be enough to run my server properly?
    2. Is it better to use the dedicated server or the vps?
    3. Would i encounter technical(s) issue(s) using vps instead of a dedicated server?

    I also want a website with forums for my server & a domain name.
    4. Is it recommended to buy a domain name from kimsufi, or is there a better(cheaper) option for example namecheap?
    5. can i host the website on the vps/dedicated server with the server on it? Or do i have to buy for a web hosting service?
    6. would it cost me extra to link the domain name to the server ip? (i want to make a subdomain for my server and keep the domain name for the server website, ie: server ip would be play.example.domain & the website example.domain)
    6.2 OR can i possibly use domain name for both ie: server ip = example.domain & website = example.domain ; i saw ONE(and only one) server doing that, i don't know how they managed to do it because i do not see how the same adress could link to two differents places(probably they are detecting if user is connecting using minecraft client or a navigator) but i have zero knowledge on the subject, if it's something easy and common, i may do that, else i would just not do that and use a subdomain.

    (i'm not pressed at all, i'm planning on launching my server in 2-5months)
    that's it, i know it's a lot of questions so thanks for your time!
  2. Since you don't know what you're doing, avoid dedicated for now. Go with either a managed or if you want to do it all yourself: unmanaged VPS.

    Learn the basics of a LAMP setup to get Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP running, for the website, and figure out how to get your own buildtools/spigot jar to run the server on there, etc. So you have all the required things to achieve that.


    Digital Ocean (among many) have amazing tutorials for starters.
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  3. thanks for your fast reply, i think i will go for a unmanaged VPS.
  4. One great way to learn is to just go ahead and do it.. Just go and try to figure out one thing.. Take notes of where you found what worked, what steps you did to achieve that..

    Once you think you're good to go, ask the host to restore the image to it's default, get the root pass again and start from scratch. just doing it twice will let you find issues before you realise them, and you end up with a more stable setup without less tinkering and left over configs and double versions, etc.

    it's a fun learning process
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  5. 1. This really depends on the plugins your using etc but if you go with the vps SSD 3 you should be fine.
    2. If you get a bigger playerbase and a higher budget, yes.
    3. If you’re just gonna run a minecraft server and a website I don’t think so.

    4. If the domain is cheaper at namecheap you should buy it there.
    5. Yes, you can host both a minecraft server and a website on the same machine.
    6. No you can change this any time without extra cost.
    6.2 Yes, you can do that by setting up a srv record for your minecraft server and using an A record for your website.

    You’re going to need allot of patience if this is your first time working with the command line but in the end you’ll get there and you can always ask for help here :) .
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  6. "4. If the domain is cheaper at namecheap you should buy it there."

  7. To fit the budget? xD
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  8. I rather invest in a well established and known registrar than a reseller who's lifespan is 2 years and you lose control over your domain or at least have to work hard to get control again.
  9. Thank you very much, you answered all of my questions!

    i chose namecheap because it's really popular, it has been founded in 2000, there is a wiki page too : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Namecheap
  10. I have most of my domains with namecheap and hover. I am staying the hell away from godaddy..
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