I'm looking for cool ideas for my plugin

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  1. I'm currently working on a Runes plugin, which will offer users magical items (runes) that can be used to provide gameplay benefits.

    Currently, these are the runes I have made:
    X-Ray Rune: Given an x% chance while mining to find crate keys, spawners, or money.
    Strength Rune: Gives permanent Strength I while in the inventory.
    Speed Rune: Gives permanent Speed II while in the inventory.
    Dragon's Breath Rune: Ignites players in a nearby radius of the player who was damaged.

    I'm looking for additional ideas similar to the X-Ray rune. While potion effects are beneficial, they aren't really unique. If you have some ideas that you think players would enjoy, feel free to reply to this thread or DM me if it's an unique idea you don't want others to steal.

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  2. And if I do implement any user suggestions, a copy of my plugin will be provided once it is completed.
  3. This is more like the Dragon's Breath Rune, but I've always wanted to implement a mechanic where some action will cause players in a certain radius to be violently thrown away from the center point (the player with the rune in this case). I suppose you could use some version of that idea.
  4. - Damage Rune: Provide additional damage
    - Mining Rune: Have a slight chance to gain extra ores if you destruct them
    - Farming Rune: Have a slight chance of extra crops while farming them

    - Rune levels: Depending on the level of the rune, the benefits rise. You could also combine the runes to a higher tier rune.

    - In general: The runes could scale with the level of the player. The higher the level, the better the benefits
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  6. Are the ideas I gave you good or would you like to have input in a different direction?