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  1. I want to host my minecraft world for friends. im not on all the time at the same time as them therefore i cant have minecraft running at all times when im away. i was looking to move it to a dedicated host that can handle 10 people and less. im not a huge minecraft host modder. just simply to run our survival world at all times without me being home or my pc to be running. I need to have spigot working.

    any ideas?
  2. If you know how to use linux I suggest you use VPS from OVH, they're pretty cheap.

    If you don't than look for a good shared host, I can't suggest any.. sorry.
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  4. If you just want a small server for you and your friends (assuming you dont know linux), check out nitros networks (

    If its just you and up to 10 friends wanted to play, their 1024Mb (1GB) plan for $8 would do.

    You get a control pannel and option to install any plugins you want as well as multiple server types (Spigot included).

    I would agree with whats been suggested, a VPS from somewhere like OVH would be the best bet. However my guess is that if you knew linux you wouldnt have posted this question :p
  5., or
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  6. I went with shockbyte. Works perfect for what i want. Thank you!
  7. No problem :)!, glad I could help.
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  8. But the support is crap of shockbyte