I'm lost..

Discussion in 'Programming' started by NewKaD, Jun 7, 2015.

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  1. Hey, i have a question about one thing, should we say coding or programming? Some people says coding is the same other says programming isn't the same.
    I'm lost.
  2. In my opinion,

    Programming: Telling a microwave to cook the food for 3 minutes, program the tv by using the remote

    Coding: Actually writing the code, to program something
  3. Hmm.. For You making a plugin (for example) is coding, right?
  4. Well... If I'm talking to someone, who doesn't know, what I'm doing, I say "Programming". If I'm talking to a developer, I say "Coding" :D
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  5. Oh, say programming to me xD
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  6. yes
  7. I think you can say either or, programming is more formal.

    Usually you say "I'm going to code something" versus "I'm going to program something". It really doesn't matter, it's just that you 'write code', you don't 'program code' in the grammatical sense.

    Either way it's easy to get started, try making something simple :D
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  8. yeah all of what you said is logic, definitely not the same
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  9. Using the term "coder" makes you sound like a skid.
  10. I agree that "coder" sounds kind of childish, however it's all arbitrary. This is more of a debate of descriptivism vs prescriptivism. Google those terms if you wish to learn more.
  11. So, i'll say PrograDer. period.
  12. Coding is used for noobs who use scratch, or obviously irl when someone writes a code. Programming my friend will make you sound much more official. That's what I use anyway
  13. Personally, I got used to saying coding. But programming makes more sense. Or so it seems.
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