[Im New with BungeeCord] How do I find my server IP?

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  1. If you have not read the title already, I'm very new with BungeeCord. (I actually just changed from Spigot) So I'm sorry if this is a very easy question to answer.

    Anyways, so my problem is I cant figure out what my actual server IP is, because when I was testing my BungeeCord server, I always used localhost. So when I tried to figure out the actual server IP, I couldn’t figure it out, so I came here. :)

    I have the forced_hosts to my server IP like so:

    Code (Text):
        mc.planetgallium.com: lobby
    But when I add it to my servers, it says "Can't connect to server"

    Any help?

    (I will provide files if necessary)
  2. bump! I need some help!
  3. @Cervinakuy You probably need another server behind it if you don't
  4. Do you have a backend server setted up?
    The proxy redirects to your hub server.
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  6. Alright let me test it out...
  7. @stopbox123

    Alright, so it kind of worked. It showed up on my server list, but I could connect, it gave me this:


    in the console of the Proxy server, should I show the server.properties of the other two servers?
  8. @Cervinakuy pm me it so you don't give anything else out