I'm on Ubuntu - Why do people prefer CentOS?

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  1. I use both Ubuntu and CentOS, but keep all my Minecraft nodes on CentOS as I know very well the yum commands and stuff, and I have been using it for a while. Ubuntu is just as fine as CentOS, just a bit different.

    Choose what you want. Anything, except Windows...
  2. I would not say one is better than the other. I learned linux on Fedora. So I have stuck with RHEL/CentOS. I can use it much better since I know the file system, and personally I think Red Hat is slightly more secure with SELINUX. Yeah I know Debian/Ubuntu has AppArmor, but imo selinux is more fine grained.
  3. I do not believe that we can say that people prefer CentOS over Ubuntu. I could find a lot of people that prefer Ubuntu over CentOS. This is a biased observation.
  4. Not to be too rude, but have you actually read through this thread?

    If so, does this really add anything new to it?

    //grouchy Sunday morning mood

    The general consensus is use what you prefer. 99% it's gonna be better than using Windows/Mac (unless that is what you prefer...).
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  5. Ubuntu consumes slightly more resources than CentOS, but just use debian, it's like ubuntu (ubuntu is debian-based), and is often, on stripped images, a lot more lightweight.
  6. When people say Ubuntu, they mean ubuntu-server, which is Ubuntu without the graphical stuff, so its nearly identical to Debian but more up to date software repositories.
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  7. It makes me laugh seeing how Ubuntu is the only Linux server distribution that requires reboots for some updates.

    Ubuntu is a joke.
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  9. Well... If your on CentOS you don't update anything anyways, so not like one would expect to do a kernel update ;)
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    CentOS doesn't get updated until PHP stuff breaks, or le security vuln is fixed
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  11. All linux distributions get kernel updates bro, even if ubuntu gets them more often. It's optional too...
  12. ubuntu is debian sources, centos is redhat and fedora.
    one uses the deb, the other rpm.
    But it is especially at the hosteur(provider) see.
    Some distribution are modified by the hosters.
    The most common change for web hosting, it is on apache debian tool tool a2ensite.
    There are others, but the management package is also diferentes.
    The diversity of sources makes ubutu if practice makes so little about for hoster too.
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  13. I can seriously say i love both :) as a linux sys admin in a datacenter i like to mix it up :) I use centos for all my servers i like to be straight forward ie DNS , MAIL ,POWER METERING ,best practical rtapp :) then i love monitoring systems with ubuntu, Also I created a cloud from scratch using centos and openstack but proved alot easier to setup with ubuntu and juju and maas so its good to mix it up if i was to choose between debian and linux centos i could not choose both distros serve me well
  14. i have been up for like 115 days now.
    i thinks it's due for a reboot ;)
  15. I use Debian both as a server and a client. I really like the way its setup. CentOS/Fedora is what most hosts use as its more based off of RedHat and that was build for enterprise severing. While Debian/Ubuntu is not commercial and much more user friendly.
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    Ubuntu server looks pretty commercial to me.
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  17. Yes looks, but is it realy the number of packages that are in Ubuntu is way higher then RedHat forks. RedHat was made to work less packages. All in all Linux is Linux at its core.
  18. Nice server, BTW.
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  20. CentOS is meant to be ran as a server environment and is built off of the concept of stable builds and not bleeding edge. Ubuntu is mainly Client imo even though they offer server versions.

    Also there are some linux server's that havent needed a single restart in 5-10 years.

    Heres my dedi atm:

    PS: And no, i do not use root for stuff >.>
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