I'm stumped.. Votifier help.

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  1. So after countless hours (and I mean countless hours) of trying to get votifier to work, nothing. I've tried several listener plugins, NuVotifier, contacting my host, still nothing. The problem I'm having is the votes are going through, like if I went to a votifier test website and sent a test vote it would go through, but I'm not getting any items in game. Even with my listener plugin. This is the error log for votifier when it comes up.


    At this point any help would be the best help. Thank you :)
  2. You have to have a separate plugin to get/give rewards for example https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/votingplugin.15358/
  3. You have to pick another port for votifier. By default votifier runs on port 8192. Another process (read server) is already using port 8192, so you cannot use it. Simply go into the votifier configuration and increment the port by N, restart the server and check whether the port bind error is gone. If the error is still there, repeat the previous steps.
  4. Yup, iv'e tried doing that as well. My host gave me the port range and I have tried multiple ports within that port range. The range is 8000-8200
  5. Well, you will have to try some more ports since that is the solution. Perhaps try not to increase +1, but pick random ports in the range provided by your host.
  6. Will do and I'll get back to you. Will I have to remove the entire server post on the site to redo it? Or will I just be able to edit and save it then it will work?
  7. Depends on the website. Any decent voting website should allow you to change the votifier port.
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  8. My 2 cents.....Votifier is dead try nuvotifier.
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  9. I’ve tried both at least twice. I dont understand how the port can be the problem if it works through a test website. Even the listener plugin is saying “You have voted 3 times” but nothing gets sent in game. I’m so confused man lol