Im trying to automate using screens, and it's not working :P

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  1. This is for turning it on:

    screen -X -S bs kill
    echo BungeeCord is down!
    screen -X -S sky kill
    echo Skyblock Server is down!
    screen -X -S fac kill
    echo The Factions Server is down!

    For turning it off

    cd msn/bungeecord
    screen -mdS bs
    echo BungeeCord is up!
    cd /msn/creative
    screen -mdS sky
    echo Skyblock Server is up!
    cd /msn/fastions
    screen -mdS fac
    echo The Factions Server is up!
  2. That's why it doesn't work.
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  3. *facepalm*

    EDIT: I just tried it again, even opposite, and it's not working.
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