Image Processing

Discussion in 'Programming' started by dart2112, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Hi,
    I'm working on a schematic slicer. and someone has shown me a program that does a similar thing that is quite old, but it does this cool thing where the layer below shows through onto the current one so you can see where to place blocks relative to the last layer. is there an automated way or a preexisting program that can put a say 10 or 20% opaque image over another and do it in order for all of them? or is this something I need to mess around with my self? keep in mind that there could be around 100 layers. so Photoshop isn't an option
  2. Gimp. Free.
  3. Plz read. Need an automated way to do it. I said that because there may be upward of 100 images doing them by hand isn't an option...