Spigot ImageDisplays 1.3

A plugin that allows for some cool image displays in Minecraft using maps.

  1. Any update on a problem with images disappearing?
    I consider starting a fork of it with images recreation on server startup since I use it intensively and that problem becomes bigger for me.
  2. Beware: There is no licence defined with the source code...
    This means it's NOT open source and you are not allowed to do modifications without author's agreement.

    Edit: I've seen @RedstoneTek write « Fully open-source here » on the plugin page, but legally it's not.
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  3. where are the plugin updates?
  4. You're right, legally it's not, I'll add a license in a minute.

    I haven't touched the plugin in a while, in theory it's working for 1.14 if we ignore the bugs of images disappearing sometimes on server startups, which yes, is a pretty major issue that I can't figure out myself.
  5. I have a feeling that frames disappearing are related to frame destruction by players.
    I only had disappearing frames in places where players could hit them.
    So for example if you have WorldGuard it prevents frame destruction but after restart that frame is empty.
  6. Can you update to 1.17?