Spigot ImgPlacer - With Sprays Feature 1.4.2

Plugin for place images around the world

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    ImgPlacer - Plugin for place images around the world

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    Per-Image-Permission, Config, Auto-Updater

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  3. Silly question but what item is used to spray? I've tried compass and fireworks and not have much success.
  4. You don't have to use any Item. You have to do /setimage <player> <imageName>
  5. Well that says it successfully worked but I guess I don't understand what it's suppose to do. I don't see any animation above or around the other player and I can't figure out how they can spray the image any where.

    Am I just not understanding what it's actually suppose to be doing?

  6. When you use /setimage on a player that player can place the setted image on a blank itemframe placed by a staffer in placer mode (to enter it you can do /placeimage)
  7. Notice a massive bug for Spigot-1.8.8, once you do /placemap and place down an item frame and do /placemap again, the fucking item frame literally becomes unbreakable, I placed a block and even tried placing water over it and it would not go away.
  8. It's an intentional feature. The itemframe is like a painting. You can use it to place image like bannerboard does. To remove it you have to right click it in placer mode
  9. That just makes things confusing though. Also, I found this as well when using the download feature.

    Understandable if this feature still broken and bug is already noticed. Found in 1.8