Solved [Important] Server Looks Fine in Console but no one can connect

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  1. Please help! I just added some expansions to the PlaceHolderAPI plugin and made some changes to BossShopPro then restarted the server. The expansions I added didn't work and it wasn't letting me connect to the server so I deleted those and undid the changes in BossShopPro. In other words, nothing has changed now. Yet it still won't let anyone connect to the server. When I, or other players, try to log on it says:

    I thought maybe it turned on the whitelist so I typed /whitelist off (which is why that will show in console) but it didn't work.

    Console Startup Messages:

    What's wrong and how can I fix it?

    Edit: Now I can login but I can't say anything or do anything. But some backround info on that: I have a plugin called "Authenticator" which makes you type a password before you can move around, type commands, etc. So what I mean is I can't say the password.

    Edit 2: Now when players try to login I can see their log out message but no login message. And they can't join.

    Edit 3: When I try to do /rtp on my alt acc (that doesn't have to use a password) it says the message about please wait 3 seconds to teleport.. Then doesn't teleport me anywhere. So basically lots of issues. All seemingly random.

    Edit 4: I just scanned all of the expansions and there are no viruses detected.

    Edit 5: Whenever a player joins this error spams console: which I messaged the dev about. Also there are tons of issues with other plugins. Some of which are listed here: SlimeFun items appear to have stopped working but SlimeFun food will feed the player but not consume the item, Random teleport plugin wouldn't teleport the player, players can't talk in chat but can use /msg, Uh.. There were more but can't remember what..
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  2. Alright here is what I recommend you do because it sounds like your plugins aren't working properly anyway.
    Remove all the plugins, and then put them back in one by one. Starting with your basic stuff like essentials etc.
    This will help you figure out whether or not a plugin is causing this. Let me know if this does not help and I'll try to think of something else!
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  3. I made this post on the Spigot forums and asking my host. My host offered creating a backup then using a previous backup (of before these issues started happening) to fix it. So I'm going to try that out first. However if that doesn't work I'll try your method. Thank you! :)