Importing from github with Maven and Git

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  1. Hello, I have some kind of a problem that I can't fix because I don't find any solutions, that's why I'm asking here. I would like to fork this spigot :
    I've read all the but I don't really understand, as I'm a newbie to this. Can someone help me with any screenshots or redirect me via a tutorial on how to use these softwares as asked in the (Maven and Git) ?

  2. You'd probably get more help with this on the Paper forums. This isn't really a "maven and git" issue (I'm guessing) so much as the complexities of building Paper.
  3. Follow their instructions, but run nvm clean install rather than mvn clean package. This will install it in your local repo.
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  4. I'm following all the steps as on the screens :

    First step:
    repo clone.png repo clone 2.png repo clone 3.png

    Second step:
    I have this error (sorry I'm a real noob, It's my first time.)
    git submodule fail'.png
  5. Anyone can help me please ?
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  6. As I repeat it's not a paper spigot issue. It's just me who does not know the exact steps to follow so I can have the src + depedencies of this fork. That's why I'm asking if someone can shed light on the subject.

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  7. I'm asking again please I don't find any solutions
  8. Can someone help me ? I'm still stuck...
  9. You're trying to build paper spigot. How is that not a paper spigot issue? Have you even tried asking on their forums?
  10. As I'm saying I don't know how to do, it could be paper, bukkt, craftbukkit or any other project. In this message I show where I have some problems

    It's just me who is a noob at following the steps...
  11. Ok, so in the first step, first three screenshots, you are importing the repo into a folder, looks like /IPVP-MC/Paper-1.7

    Then it asks you to run a command, but what it's implying is that it should be run in the folder where you cloned your repo.

    So before you git submodule init, you have to cd into /IPVP-MC/Paper-1.7
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  12. Ok I did what you say and it worked thanks :)

    Now what does this mean "Apply code patches to update submodules: ./" ?
  13. It means to run that script. Not really sure how you'd do that on Windows, though- maybe git bash?
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  14. Your git bash is not even in the project folder. Use the windows explorer to go the the folder, right click somewhere in the folder and click something like "Git bash here". Or you can use the cd command to navigate to the folder using the terminal.
  15. I just had to double click on it and gitbash runned it, thanks again :)
    And my very last question, how and where I do this "Compile the code via Maven 3: mvn clean install" ?
  16. Type it in the console, just like the rest of the instructions. "mvn clean install" then hit enter.
  17. It says that the command doesn't exist command not found.png
  18. Then you need to install Maven.
  19. I already have Maven with eclipse :/