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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by snipingmster, Feb 12, 2020.

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  1. So i have a question, I made a plugin a long time ago right and it was on an old computer, i have the jar file because i transported it to my new computer but i dont have the work space in eclipse or anything, i want to change some things in my classes but i have alot of errors in my classes, i know its from the imports but i cant see what imports it had so i have no clue what imports to even import, is there a way to upload an exisiting plugin into eclipse or something and see the External jars added to that plugin (Build path)
  2. Well if you look at your imports you will be able to determine what are the jars that you need.
  3. Well yes i know that, ive imported all the jars and the errors on the imports went away but there errors on things that shouldnt have errors because this jar file works, fully, it runs fine, no errors in minecraft nothing, but when i decompile it to edit some things there are errors in it and idk if maybe i need a certain version of the externals jars or what
  4. like this right here
    private static final String[] c = arrayOfString;
    that has an error in eclipse so do a bunch of others but that was already in the jar itself, and it works the plugin fully works, but when i decompile it it has those errors, so is there like a way to see the build path of an exisiting jar file or something? maybe i can find out what version of the imports are imported
  5. Where did you define arrayOfString?
  6. thats not the point im trying to get at, like lets say this, i upload an old plugin onto eclipse, the plugin works but when i upload it, it would have a bunch of errors, ok so i import the imports but there are still errors, and warnings, how does the plugin work if there are errors when i decompile it, like is there a way to see what version of imports the plugin author imported or something.
  7. Apparently if you upload through Git it does indeed show Libraries im now closing this thread
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