Improve security of my VPS

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  1. Its not even from a 3rth party host but ok....
  2. You could block ssh port to your ip only.

    Then have a web interface with 2 long passwords, google authenticator code and maybe a captcha and you can add/rem ips to the ip whitelist of ssh port
  3. What if the IP of the OP is dynamic?
  4. Just edited the post, yours didnt show up until i refreshed
  5. The tutorial I provided the link of will help the OP better understand how to setup the keys server-side.
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    Do you know what KVM does? Because by the sounds of it, it doesn't sound so.

    KVM is what hosts to gain access to their BIOS / system settings, or access SSH like you're sat at the machine with your keyboard & mouse plugged in.
    I've got no idea what you're on about it not being a "3rth" party host..
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    Well, if you lose it, you can usually boot up in some sort of rescue mode, chroot, then throw on a new key. Downtime is downtime, but that's my useless point of the day.
  8. Thats usually with OVH....
  9. 4chan


    And with many other hosts... assuming you're going with non-shithosts.
  10. I`ve used digitalocean,OVH,smibahosting and vultr as VPS host...... And now I have my own VM Envoriment on my machines...
  11. Completely negates the point of SSH keys, but alright.
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  12. Not really lmao
  13. Explain. You use a password for Dropbox.
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  15. And I also use completely different passwords on every single one of my keys.
  16. 4chan


    If someone pinches your key from Dropbox, they get access.

    What is the difference?

    Edit: they can brute the key.
  18. dropbox is always going through your files to see if its copyrighted