Improve security of my VPS

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  1. Change FTP ports and SSH ports, move to ssh keys, type random passwords and copy and paste them, never save passwords on cloud, block ip ranges from other parts of the world to ssh and ftp.
  2. I think blocking IPS from other countries will stop alot of attacks, we were being attacked from US or at least the IP was from there.
  3. The basics of what has already been mentioned is the best you can do. Fail2ban, ssh keys only, simple stateful firewall. Obviously changing your default ports can help, but it is a bit extreme. I'm actually very surprised your system was breached so quickly, you must of had horrible security. "Keep it simple, stupid." You're not securing user/financial data.
  4. IDK how much time it took to them, they could be trying to get in for weeks, but the dumb of me didnt notice also it's my first time running a VPS so i thought with a random password would be enough.
  5. That usually is enough. Maybe someone has it out for you. Secure your system, but don't get crazy about it. SSH keys can't go wrong, unless the user is dumb about them. You'll be fine.
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    Change SSH port to 25565, nobody will know! Profit!

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  7. Never heard of that port.
  8. SSH Keys is a good idea.
    Check out the other points, it will improve your security.