Bungee - Spigot Impulse Rankup 1.8


  1. Added it

    Forgot to say you need Vault added to the new description Im sorry
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  2. Look don't be sorry it's k :p
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  3. okay, but this is my first plugin so i dont know what do like XD

    can you tell me how to Set a price for plugins (for my next plugin)
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  4. You have to have the plugin approved by spigot to have it as a paid plugin BTW don't stop updating this! Been looking for plugin that's not ez ranks lite
  5. can you maybe tell me how to approve it to spigot? and i will update it when its needed
  6. A new update for Version 1.8 (MINECRAFT)
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    Im just wondering if you made this because it is packaged under @iCodeTits name and I know from looking at his profile he is affiliated with an "impulse" named server. Did he make this, and if so do you have permission to release it?
  8. Well I think tits made it
  9. No its not from him,i host this account with my friend and he maked this plugin
    im sorry if it looks like Bigtits his server name but this is our plugin
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  10. and sorry my grammar is not the best
  11. I was using you're plugin. Doesnt even work. u left my fucking pm
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    Who? I never left a pm in my life. better check who you are talking to son
  13. I need your plugin! Please HELP!
  14. Does someone need more Prison Plugins?