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  1. I would like to know what this server is capable of.

    These are the specs of the server I'm using:
    What is the maximum amount of servers I can run using BungeeCord while using the above setup?

    Would this example be possible with the above specs?

    Example: Minecraft Server Information
    1. How many servers would you like to run? 6
    2. What type of servers would you like to run? Creative / Survival / Factions / Minigame / Pixelmon / FTB
    3. Using plugins? Yes
    4. Using BungeeCord? Yes
    5. On average, how many players will each of your servers have per day? 50-100
  2. That should work perfectly fine, only thing that might hold you back is the storage. 240GB isn't that much.
  3. Ok, thanks for your answer.
    What would be the maximum amount of servers that I could run with this setup?
  4. depends on what plugins you are running on those servers and other things like players per server
  5. What would be realistic in your experience?
  6. I would say a decent network, with a lobby, factions, minigames, prison and maybe 1 or 2 more. Maybe also a website xD
  7. Make sure you've got a worldborder set for all of the servers except minigames as the worlds can be big in terms of disk space usage.
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  8. Survival/Factions Server occupys around 30-45% of cpu with 100 players as of minecraft 1.13.2.
    if you use that machine to run only survival/factions server, you would only be able to host 225-250 players.

    if you use minigames it would be around 50-75% more.

    Example(PlayerBase in Mode): 75Survival(30%),75 Factions(30%), 75 Minigame(17.5%), 75 Pixelmon(22.5%), 75 FTB = 30%
    Total: 375Player's | 130% Cpu usage.

    if you trim it to 90% of 375 = you will be able to host 225 player's without your machine crashing from excess cpu usage.

    the calculus for feed the beast may not be exact, but you would never get to host more than 300 player's unless you make it 100% vanilla with many anti-lag plugins.

    many people here doesn't dare to comment about thing's related to lag, because minecraft is laggier with each version, if you read 3 year old post's people where able to host 200% of player's or more than now with the same machine specifications.

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