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  1. Hi all! I was wondering if somebody could help me out, I'm looking for a EULA compliant way to sell ranks, I know what I will hopefully end up doing! My idea is something like the quests from treasurewars and then you complete it and it gives you a rank voucher. I hope somebody can help me, if you do there will be benefits but those are still to be stated. Thanks -Gamerphobic
  2. You can sell ranks, you just can't put any "pay2win" aspects into it.
  3. Yes i know, but it is a factions server and there is no point having a rank if there is no perk right?
  4. What perks are you trying to sell?
  5. A- Kits B- Perks (fly, repair ect.) and just other things like joining when full .
  6. Btw its just what I stated is my idea
  7. That breaks the EULA agreement. There's ways of semi-countering the EULA, however, you'd probably need to change your server....a lot.

    Here's 1 way to somewhat be compliant with the EULA:
    • Have a "coins" system, or some type of currency.
    • Let players use kits/abilities using that currency, and have your players be able to buy amounts of currency through donations
  8. Big tip: If you dont have 400 playerbase, ignore the eula, its a crap. and they will not do anything to you.
  9. Well it's nice to see that you support kids buying ranks to say that they're better than everyone....

  10. He does the server to do money, not to lose it. The life its that.
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  11. Wait so I can't do quest vouchers but can do something like stay in this area for so long to get this rank?
  12. Yes you can.
  13. Get a plugin called RankMissions