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  1. Hey,

    I am the creator of the plugin BossShopPro and am in search of a maintainer.

    I stopped playing Minecraft three years ago and am not interested in the game anymore. Maintaining the plugin turned from fun and great experiences into work. Additionally, I will graduate very soon and then have a real job and less free time. I want to move on and start a new chapter of my life, without having to worry about plugins. I could just leave Spigot and stop updating the plugin, but that is not what I want. Many servers depend on the plugin and I want to make sure the plugin has a good future and will keep getting updated.

    For more information, check out this post. I have actually already found a maintainer, which however backed down due to a few details. Don't get me wrong, I respect that he backed down, having understood that maintaining the plugin is not what he wants. It is important for me to find someone who is committed and genuinely cares about the plugin.

    Who can become maintainer?
    If you want to take the plugin over, you should meet a few criteria:
    • Have a Spigot account with at least two plugins and at least 10k total downloads (or 1k purchases)
    • Be nice and friendly
    • Have an open-source plugin or provide me the source code of one of your plugins, making it possible for me to get an impression of your coding skills
    • Be at least 17 years old
    • Being active in the Spigot community and having a lot of posts is a plus

    What do you need to do as maintainer?

    If you maintain BossShopPro, I expect you to put at least three hours per week into BossShopPro for
    • Support (answering PMs on Spigot and replying to discussions in main BSP thread)
    • Bugfixes: If bugs are found by users, they should be fixed
    • Updates: If Spigot API is modified, BSP might need to be updated
    • New features: If you have enough time and want to boost the popularity of BSP, you can add new features. There are a lot of ideas for additional features already. Adding new features is optional though. The main priority is bugfixes and updating BSP, whenever it breaks due to Spigot API being modified

    What do you get as maintainer?
    You basically take the whole plugin over as maintainer, including:
    • You become the (only) author of the BSP Spigot page
    • You get all donations, etc.
    The only thing I want to keep is the BSP Github page. You will become a contributor of the project or you can fork BSP on Github, however, I want to stay owner of the Github page. BossShopPro is an important project for myself and I want to keep it in my portfolio and want people who view my Github profile to see BossShopPro.

    Taking over BossShopPro addons (LimitedUses, GuiShopManager, PlayerShops, etc.) is optional.

    If you have any questions, you can, of course, contact me and ask those. I will aswell tell you a few more personal details related to the project, once we are in contact and discussing details.

    How to apply?
    If you are interested, please send me a Spigot PM with the title "Take BossShopPro over" and provide your information:
    • Short introduction about you: Who are you, how old are you, do you study/work?
    • Link to source code of one of your plugins
    • Explain, why you want to take the plugin over
    • How much time are you able to put into BossShopPro?

    Best regards
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  2. Good luck dude, wish you a bright future ahead. Thank you for making an awesome plugin, I highly appreciate that.
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  3. Hope we get a dev to continue BSP
    Thank you for everything Blackixx/Felix <3
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  4. Good luck finding someone. I've no time for that either. Even if I had time I wouldn't take over your project. It is not my style of code and a full refaction would be needed so that I feel comfortable with it.
    On a previous version of one of my plugins I had 30k downloads on bukkit.

    EDIT: You finished studying CS or only finished school?
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  5. I will finish studying computer science in a few weeks. Regarding the code of BossShopPro: The project is three years old now and I think the architecture is pretty good, yet the code is a little messy. There are only very few comments (except the ones added by Glare), but I think most classes and methods should be easy to understand. Also, variable names are not perfect and some methods could use the builder pattern, rather than having many arguments. Basically, when maintaining BSP the main task would be taking care of ItemData, Conditions, RewardTypes and PriceTypes, which are very easy to extend or modify. If I should find someone interested in maintaining BSP, I will of course, invest some time to explain the code and provide help getting started with the project.
  6. RandomHashTags


    I am interesting in continuing the plugin. Do you have a Discord/Twitter Account? I don't like sharing my info on SpigotMC.
  7. My Discord id: Logende#6369
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    Contacted (from RandomHashTags#1948)
  9. The application period is open until Saturday this week (Central time).
  10. clip


    Fail to provide the details of your legal obligation with NetEase though... you sold BSP under contract to them and have a legal obligation to provide updates to them as well as a lot of other legal requirements. Would be nice if you provided those details to the people who may want to take on the project since it could be a legal mess and they could decide before actually attempting to take the project on... shame on you for not sharing those details which multiple people you have contacted have been interested but backed out when you finally shared the info...
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  11. nossr50

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    I was contacted about taking this over, the main reason I declined was due to legal liability. If you take this over please go talk to a lawyer and have them review the existing contracts on this plugin. It's the main reason I backed out. Don't want anyone to get sued.
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  12. I want to make it clear that clip, nossr, and I are in no way harassing or bashing this project. We were all at one point interested in taking it over but we had no idea about this contract. The "small details" he links to my post above is due to me seeking legal counsel and them suggesting I back out.

    The resource itself is great, you all just need to be aware of what you might be getting yourself into.
  13. nossr50

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    Yeah the lawyers I talked to also suggested I back out... but it's ultimately up to you to make that call. I listened to legal advice.
  14. A copy of my contract with NetEase is the first thing I will send to potential maintainers. I do not want all the details about the contract and my personal information within the contract to be public though. I hope that is comprehensible.

    The thing is: I could just let go of the project and abandon it. For me personally, this would be similar to letting someone else take the project over and getting all the benefits that come from the project, except it would be way less effort to just abandon it, rather than searching a maintainer. Yet, the project means a lot to me and I do not want it to die, therefore I am putting a lot of time and effort into finding a maintainer. In your case @nossr50 and @ItsMeGlare I did not instantly send you a copy of the contract, when I contacted you, wasting some of your and my time. I apologize for that. I learned from that and intend to send the contract as the first thing, before going any further. Again, I hope that is comprehensible. After all, my only intention is to find a good maintainer. Maybe you have some suggestions, how I can improve the process of finding a maintainer, or maybe you have another idea of how the future of BSP might look like. After all, I am fine with doing what is best for the community around BSP. If I should not find a maintainer, one alternative might be just making the project free and hoping the community is big enough to somehow continue the project and provide updates. I prefer the maintainer way though.

    Edit 2:
    Actually, I think this is the kind of discussion that might improve the situation and maybe help to find other approaches. Honestly, after saying that BSP will keep getting updates, I feel responsible for finding some way of making sure BSP will keep getting updates. I can not think of another solution besides finding a maintainer though. Again, if you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know. I appreciate any helpful thoughts. Right now, writing my bachelor thesis, I already only have very little time I can invest into searching a maintainer and after having long conversations with two potential maintainers, the situation seems to not get better. Maybe after all the solution is to just make BSP free and hope for an active community.
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  15. I'm not sure but I think buyers can issue a refund/chargeback or something like that if you abandon them. (IMO)
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  16. Benz56

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    They can but they shouldn't. Let me quote the Premium Resource Guidelines:
    When you buy a resource you buy the currently available version. Updates beyond that are awesome but aren't part of the initial deal.
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  17. They are the type of people to use leaks anyway, imagine charging back $11.99 lmfao
  18. I just had a long talk about the topic with a few friends and we came to the conclusion, that while I personally do not see issues with the contract and I do maintain BossShopPro right now, having the same risks anyone taking over BSP would have, that does not necessarily mean someone else should maintain the plugin. As a lawyer seems to not recommend taking the plugin over, there might be a reason for it. Taking BSP over without contacting a lawyer would be unmindful while contacting a lawyer would probably be a waste of money because an other lawyer already recommended not taking the plugin over. Therefore I do completely agree with you @clip. I apologise for not going that path earlier. I hoped things would just work out somehow, but it seems like the topic is just not as simple as I would like it to be. Therefore, I just moved the whole project to BossShop (free). Additionally, I will keep providing bugfixes for the foreseeable future, which should make anyone who already uses BossShopPro happy. Right now I can not guarantee updates in the long term though, which is why it probably is best when BSP is free.

    Btw.: Besides all of that, I have contacted NetEase to discuss a possible termination of the contract.
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  19. Okay, are we talking about the big NetEase Company or a player, server owner?