Bungee - Proxy Inactive 1.0.0


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    Network GUI Manager - Bungee GUI, Bungee Network GUI, Easy Bungee GUI

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  2. Wow those seem like unfair reviews :/
  3. Yes, they are just strange. i asked to describe your error, so i can fix it. but no one does it. Still 1 person did it on a conversation.
    I'm fixing the bug now.
  4. I cant start the program D:
  5. I love it! But it don't work for me! (Don't open window)
  6. I will fix the bug right now. some asseblies were missing.
  7. The Programm doesn't open
    pls fix it
    It is a realy the best idee ever!
  8. It its? i actually already gave up. but.... maybe i will think to resume it
  9. If you have a server network on his own PC, it is always very awkward with your program but not I hope you continues it
  10. Yes, thats why im going to make a server application and client/web application.
  11. Please update it!! I don't run it
  12. i cant download the plugin
  13. Sorry, its not very easy to get it bug free for use. its NOT stable, far far away from that so i cant give the download.
    i'm having my own minecraft network since a month and im currently busy with that. i still have school too.

    Tomorrow i will look if i can get it working and maybe release a public alpha version.