Suggestion InactiveResource Notification.

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    It's terrible.
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    You didn't loose them, you just did loose access to new updates that would not happen anyways since the resource in inactive.
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    A lot of plugins, although unmaintained, will still be able to function on newer versions of MC, take PermissionsEx for example. So its handy to keep a copy if its removed from spigot.
  4. Bump so this suggestion gets more feedback.
  5. So if I write a plugin which properly uses the API, there's a pretty good chance it could work for years without any changes. The plugin was written to serve a purpose and it continues to serve its purpose. So why stigmatize it by calling it "inactive" and preventing new people from using it? It works as well as it ever did.

    And forcing people to make nonsense updates to avoid having a perfectly fine plugin be deleted is just silly and counterproductive.
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  6. Not to argue, but the resources in question are only paid resources. Free ones are not affected by "Inactive Resource"

    That being said, a paid resource that has been left for dead for a year or more should be dealt with.
    If you are posting a resource, charging people for it, there should be SOME kind of update, at LEAST once every 6 months.
    I know you aren't required to update the plugin, but heck, if I purchase a plugin off of you, you really should be updating it somewhat often.

    If you go 6+ months without an update, it's moved to "Inactive Resource", that seems fair.
    After a year or so Spigot removes it. Now that part I do not 100% agree with, since a person paid for it and should ALWAYS have access to what they paid for.

    I guess one could just argue that these inactive resources should not be removed, since like you said, it MAY still work for years to come.
    Free resources sit on this site forever, I feel abandoned paid resources should as well.
    Move them to inactive resource, disable purchasing (MAYBE add a little not at the top in big bold red "INACTIVE RESOURCE, PURCHASES DISABLED, ARCHIVED FOR PREVIOUS PURCHASERS")
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  7. in my opinion storage space is not the issue here as you can easily buy one for cheap even upto 1 terabyte of space.
    but removing obsolete data is a more favorable option for server performance reasons.
    I agree on the archiving option but only on the last updated file. as spigot has dropped support for lower server versions it is only logical to also start cleaning the plugins.
    if cleaning plugins is really needed then spigot can implement a system where update saves is limited to 5 or 10 so if the plugin update saves exceeds the maximum limit the oldest file will be deleted.
    Then theres the question of versioning support and my answer to this is many plugin supports multiple server versions in 1 jar.

    I agree on the premium plugin notification on impending removal for authors and buyers as they totally deserves this.
    Plugin developers should consider implementing an auto updater in their plugins and have an option to enable it in config.
    For features that do not support older server version. developers can just disable this on plugin load.

    well this is just my opinion.
    Disclaimer i do not own or have posted a premium plugin
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  9. Just to add to this thread of just bumping it: The same system used to notify people when a resource is deleted for malicious purpose can be used for what I describe in the OP.
  10. Generally I would agree with all the comments so far.
    Idealy the authors should mark their discontinued plugins as so and release the code to Github. (In respect to the community)

    Maybe if the MC server version becomes more than so many versions behind the declared version. The author should be notified to confirm that the plugin is still under active development. and given a reasonable time in which to re-activate the availability of that plugin.

    And if not replied to within this time span the plugin is downgraded to an inactive status.
    This would be applied to any plugin whether paid for or not.
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  11. I would actually appreciate an email notification.
  12. Would really like to see this implemented. :)
  13. That is a good idea.
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  14. This REALLY needs to happen.
    I've seen a few posts now "How come a resource I purchased a while ago was removed?"

    It appears a LOT of people on this website don't know what "InactiveResource" is (happened to me once, and inactive resource allowed me to purchase said resource - apparently that was a Spigot mistake, they forgot to remove the PayPal email)
  15. Over a year... bump.
  16. Funnily enough seeing this thread made me go through my purchased resource page to see what's gone and been eaten by the InactiveResource monsters and stumbled across a plugin that's somehow been ignored by the system and despite it not being updated in 2 years it remains a purchasable resource.

    Edit: additionally in the discussion InactiveResource even took away the resource and I believe the only way to get it back was to release an update? Not sure how he managed that.
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    you can reclaim it if you contact support, I guess he is about to release an update or smth