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    Industrial-MC - Minecraft, Industrial Style.

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  2. Will consider buying as soon as there is a showcase... Looks REALLY interesting.
  3. no list of machines added?
  4. sorry was waiting for the resource to get approved, in the following day or two, i recommend waiting for a video to be uploaded and the list of machines to be added, so you'll see the plugins features
  5. Understood... Will be waiting for it. Would be really nice if we could make our own machines and GUIs that pop up after right clicking them anyhow, will be looking forward to the showcases.
  6. both a video tutorial and a feature list have been added
  7. i have a suggestion, why not make it so instead of mining all the blocks and leaving a huge hole in the map instead replace all mined blocks with dirt? kinda like how ender quarry from Extra Utilities 1.7.10 mod?
  8. sounds like an interesting idea, i'll add it to the quary block!
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    Language File And Bug Fixes! - v1.3.7

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  10. Hey!
    I loaded up the plugin but it doesn't seem to be generating a plugin folder with the config.

    EDIT: It worked on the second startup. Not sure why it didn't generate earlier.

    Plugin looks promising however. :)
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  11. it only saves the files when the server disables the plugin :)
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    Added Solar Panels!

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  13. The plugin demonstration video has been updated, i advise watching it.
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    Solar Panels Info & Bug Fixes!

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  15. Love the plugin!

    I've got a couple suggestions:


    Maybe have the option to trigger the jetpack by pressing spacebar (to go up) instead so players can actually travel the map/world using these? This could either just toggle fly mode so they could hover around etc or have it make them go up when they hit space and then start dropping them down when they release it?

    Quarries are great, but I've noticed they can be used for griefing/breaking/bypassing specific permissions and protections.
    • Have quarries respect worldguard regions? Eg: Someone couldn't place a quarry around a WG protected area and use it to destroy that area one block at a time.
    • Stop quarries from breaking specific blocks like chests, spawners, etc. The big problem here is a quarry will break a chest even if its protected with LWC/Lockette etc.
    • Have a quarry stop running once it's deposit chest is full. Else, it'll keep mining but not put the blocks anywhere.

    • Per World Enable/Disable (& and maybe per Machine) eg: Quarries are only allowed in the overworld while jetpacks are allowed in the nether and the end.
    • Creative Menu: Have it give fully charged items?
    • /mymachines could also display the world its located in?
    • Permission to disable crafting of certain items and machines? Eg: End Rods. This would make it so player have to/can buy it from the server instead (among other options). :)
    Hopefully these are possible to implement! :)
  16. oh boy you sure do like the plugin, so lets start answering these in order:

    - jet packs were meant to only go up and down when you sneak, although hover mode does sound good, you can't really detect what key was pressed by the player, except sneaking..
    -quarries break everything but bedrock, i guess i should think of more things to protect.., as for WG protection, i have need to look further into how to use different plugins api's,when i figure that, i'll add it as soon as possible.
    don't quarries already stop when the chest is full?
    -per world enable/disable will be added sooner on later, if creative menu items being fully charged matters as well as /mymachines displaying the world, i'll add it for convinience, as for blocking players from crafting, i guess it's possible, so i'll add it.

    to sum up, these are some good community feedbacks, and i'll add some of them!
    best regards, BlockMcGee.
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    Laser Weapons and Recipe Viewing Command!

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