Spigot Infernal Mobs 6.7

Mobs can become Infernal boss mobs and drop cool loot!

  1. How might one use them?

  2. Some of a players loot disappeared during a glitch, Is there an easy command to give them back certain ones out of the loot yml ?
  3. Yom


    Whats your server man? Looks dope. IP?
  4. Hello! Spotted this on my console log:

    "Infernal Mobs can't find mob type: Husk!"
  5. Yes, the /im getloot <index>

    What version is your server on?
  6. 1.10.2
  7. Make sure your using the latest IM, and let your config regen.
  8. May you add /im getloot <player> <index>
  9. So you can give it to players via command?
  10. Yes
    I will give players loot with this command
  11. I do still have an API for your plugin on my wishlist.

    I only a few methods...

    public boolean isInfernalMob(Entity entity) { }

    public getInfernalMobType(Entity entity){ }

    public getInfernalMobName(Entity entity) { }

    And the I can make the integration. I don't need any events....
  12. What would these do?
    public getInfernalMobType(Entity entity){ }

    public getInfernalMobName(Entity entity) { }
  13. First one return the Minecraft entity.getType () is an enum.
    Second one return the name (String) the creator has given the mob. It could also be anonther type of uniqe ID, but I need the name anyway.

    I have realized that your mob and mobname is the Minecraft entity type and that you dont have an infernal mob name so forget this one.

    Instead it would be nice to get a List or Collection of the abilities connected to the mob.
    getAbilities (Entity entity) either as enums or strings.

    And getAllAbilities () should then return the complete list of abilities defined in InfernalMob.
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  14. I'm not sure if this has been covered somewhere but I can not find an answer.
    Firstly, loving the plugin (as are my players) so much so that we have set up a separate infernal only world lovingly called "Safari Zone" :)
    The only issue that people are having is the random screaming from mobs. With so many around, whatever is causing it means that players sometimes have to mute their volume for up to ten seconds while it goes on. :S
    Is there any way to disable the sound effect (even if it means turning off a specific ability) to save their ear drums?
    Many thanks
  15. What kind of screaming? Ghasts?
  16. I'm not sure, I think it must be but some of the players have said that it doesn't sound quite right. Could it be a Wither scream (if such a thing exists!)
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  18. maybe ghast screen?