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  2. hey
    I cant seem to get mvdw placeholders to work. the format i am using is %mvdw_griefprevention_remainingclaims% Is that correct?
    I have the latest mvdw plugin and latest Infoboard.
  3. The format is correct, looks like all mvdw placeholders don't work.. Will try and have a fix a soon as possible!
  4. Ok no problems, thanks for letting me know!
  5. So I found you need a MVdW plugin for it to work. So I removed some of it and added some other placeholders, The placeholders are in the variables.yml file (On first load so delete it first and then restart your server)
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  6. Thanks for this update! I am currently switching from FeatherBoard as i have had ongoing issues with it with no fix in the last 2 updates! Can i ask you add the "currentclaim_ownername" placeholder for GriefPrevention. Thanks :)

    And my chat is spammed with "CHECK"

    On another note, can i request a feature?
    could you add way to have 1 row switch through multiple placeholders? with its own "show time"
    this would help me so much as at the moment i need to have my full board changing every 5 seconds so i can show each skill of MCMMO and although it works it makes the full board flicker as it switches. No rush for this feature but i think it would be nice to add in the future.
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  7. The CHECK hing is fixed(read latest update log),Will add the placeholder with the next update. Will look in to the per line show time...