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  1. Hi there ! i have some lag on my server ( 180players + )
    I have 5 Tps

    **My config ( dedicated server ) :

    CPU : Intel Xeon E5-1620
    Fréquence : 3.6GHz / 3.8GHz Turbo Boost
    RAM : 64 Go DDR3 ECC
    2x 300Go SSD
    200 Mbps

    **My timings ( you can see all plugins )

    **My bukkit.yml :

    I have spigot #527

    How can i fix my lag ? what is the problem ?
    Thx ! <3 Spigot

    Sorry for my bad English ^^

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  2. entity-activation-range-animals: 48
    entity-activation-range-monsters: 48
    entity-activation-range-misc: 16
    These control how much lag entities can cause you, if you lower these to say:
    entity-activation-range-animals: 16
    entity-activation-range-monsters: 32
    entity-activation-range-misc: 8
    You will get alot more performance.
    But note, theres a bug in this feature that items in water will not flow if its outside the -misc range.
    so this may affect some types of automated farms.
  3. Dude, the new versions of Spigot are bugged. Im now getting 1 TPS after 4 hours uptime with 150 online, I used to get a constant 18-20TPS, now I average 5-15 max....
  4. Puremin0rez


    You try the newest as of this post i'm making right now? He played with netty abit so it might be fixed
  5. Using latest build now. Need to wait till later on today for more players to join than I can benchmark.
  6. andrewkm

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    Wtf does that even mean? .....
    Your posts are absolutely pointless and useless without any relevant information, tests, etc.
    Im running "the new versions of spigot" and am seeing no issues and great performance.
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  7. how many online.
  8. andrewkm

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    You rate my post disagree, then ask questions - you don't deserve my response nor help. Now stop trolling this forum with useless posts whining about how spigot is "bugged" as that means absolutely nothing.
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  9. awe bru
  10. I see i have 80% entitytick its a problem ?