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  1. How i can send informations from a Client to a Plugin?
    For now i use a chat messages system to send informations, but i want a better one. Ideas? Edit: for client i mean an modificated minecraft version client ex. like what hacked clients is. But use it only for send informations to a plugin.
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  2. Do you mean something like channels?
  3. Nahz like 'you must use this client to join in my server else you get kicked' and give info from the client ex. 'this player has modificated the client kick him' or 'he use the right client allow him' i dont know how to explain xD
  4. you'd use plugin messages, it's what they're designed for. However, I can tell you right away: it's not a good method of verifying whether a client is legitimate (since it's easy to spoof)
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  5. actually, you can't really get the client name information, you could get his version but that would be not what you tryed to mention other way would be using plugin messages
  6. There is a way to check the client version name? Like check if the launched version is equals to 'serverclient'
  7. Not possible.
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  8. You can only get the version of the player but not the client name
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  9. If they are using forge you can get their forge modlist in bungeecord then send that via plugin messaging to the Bukkit server.