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  1. Hey so I'm sure there's other threads about this but I haven't been able to find any that people were able to come to any sort of resolve.
    So mainly just from this person I've been getting a lot of inquiry by paypals on their purchases, I tried going through and responding about what the item is and what not and I auto lost. So I was going to see if anyone has been able to find a way of going about winning these? Like sending shipping proof of the buycraft receipt or something along those lines?
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    I got one of these last month, paypal didn't even let me dispute it they just straight up took the money and closed the case. They said it was for my "protection"
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    Go with Stripe. Better customer support, better payment processing, better everything.

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    this is absolutely not true they will close your account if you get any chargebacks and they get chargebacks by default because banks dont really recognize them and will think its an invalid. I got so many chargebacks with stripe, thousands of dollars by the time I closed my account/got closed

    they do so little verification too.. and buycraft doesnt even receive chargeback notifications when you do get them so manual bans are needed
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  5. What I usually do is show them the buycraft receipt with their information and also state that the chargeback of virtual items is forbidden. I have won all chargeback cases with this method (5 or so, not a lot but it works for me :D)
  6. I've done that on these cases before and they instantly close them, the only time that works is with disputes.
  7. They're most likely credit card chargebacks and PayPal can't do anything about those (sadly).
  8. Oh, I didn't read it properly, oops.