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    Hey there gang, for the life of me I cant figuring out what the hell is causing this error to be spammed almost all the time a player moves on my HCF Server. We are currently using an iHCF fork, I have source to both our Kitmap Source and Core. We are using a custom spigot, but we do not have source for that.

    Any ideas for how to stop this from spamming console (doesnt seem to be causing any lag)
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    Unless you're a plugin developer, this is the wrong place to post.
    Second, take it up with the plugin developer.
  3. Go complain to the developer of the plugin and/or your "custom spigot" (while being very nice to them of course)
  4. He's working on the plugin you scum. Stacktracing is hard here because it is not giving where the bloody error is.
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  5. That aggressiveness wasn't really necessary
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  6. Well, if you're developing this plugin, then I suggest you look into your plugins source and search for the PlayerMoveEvent, debug it out and try to see what's causing it.
  7. Where did you come from anyway?

    If you aren't going to add anything to the thread then please
    leave and gracefully try not to get hit by the door on
    the way out.


    Back to the OP's problem,

    This is one of very few exceptions I've seen that provide such a small
    amount of information. If I were to make a quick guess as to what the problem
    is, this looks like an issue with some of the customization into your Spigot version,
    because there is no stacktrace from within the calling plugin, rather the exception
    appears to be occurring after a call into your custom Spigot.
    (Since the call goes right into NMS, which is quite nasty)
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  8. The OP is my friend and I told him to post here. I'll kindly stay, don't let the door hit you on the way out!
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  9. Scroll farther up (in your logs), there should be an original of the stack trace which can potentially have the entire chain.
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  10. I didn't say anything.
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  11. Can you post your custom JavaPluginLoader class, I think the problem is therer.

    Did i really just see you using a subclass called l in the PluginLoaderClass? Or is that normal bukkit?

    How the hack did you get a project set up for changing the spigot code. whenever i try to do that, spigot cries about dependencies (i linked them all: maven and not maven).
  12. that stack trace is just the header / top exception for an uncaught listener exception. The actual exception is an NPE.
  13. oops, i think my brains stopped working
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  15. When I used Eclipse with M2E, it complained about maven dependencies, but when I used IntelliJ it worked. I just imported the maven project(s) that were created by BuildTools.jar.
  16. Thank you very much, will try intelliJ. Not my fav editor but whatever, life can be hard :)
  17. I made a suggestion to "your friend" on how he may fix the
    problem. Meanwhile, you're being a prick to other folks here on
    the forum.

    You're in no position to call people out.
    @md_5 Please show this person the door :)
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  18. I would like the latest .log and if possible I would recommend you to use Spigot, not PaperSpigot, It seems that it would spam the console whenever you move, not every second, even then, I would like the .log
  19. All this talk, a partial stacktrace.. Where's the full log? Where's the code?

    This thread is about as helpful as me asking you to tell me why my check engine light is on and all I have to offer is "it's blinking at me every second"
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  20. Absolutely.

    When errors like this happen with such high
    frequency, the server shortens them down, and
    eventually down to one line exceptions indicating
    their presence but provides no information.

    The OP needs to try and catch this exception when
    it first occurs where it will certainly be the most