Insane damage being taken by players

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  1. Hi,

    Players take far far more damage than normal when comparing damage from the same sources, on the same difficulty, between a single player world and my server.

    I'm not sure of the plugin that's causing this and I've looked through most of their configs to try and solve this issue but I cannot figure out which one is modifying damage.

    Here's a full list of my plugins: (ignore the color codes)

    §aAutorank§f, §aChestShop§f, §aChestShop-LegacyIds§f, §aCoreProtect§f, §aDeadChest§f, §aEssentials§f, §aEssentialsChat§f, §aEssentialsGeoIP§f, §aFactions*§f, §aFactionsX§f, §aFastAsyncWorldEdit (WorldEdit)§f, §aGriefPrevention§f, §aHolographicDisplays§f, §aIllegalStack§f, §aImageMaps§f, §aLaggRemover§f, §aLuckPerms§f, §aMoneyFromMobs§f, §aMotdChanger§f, §aMultiverse-Core§f, §aMultiverse-Inventories§f, §aMultiverse-NetherPortals§f, §aMultiverse-Portals§f, §aPerfectVanish*§f, §aPlayerHeads§f, §aProtocolLib§f, §aPvPManager§f, §aRegen§f, §aSkQuery§f, §aSkript§f, §aStatz§f, §aTAB§f, §aVault§f, §aVotifier§f, §aVotingPlugin§f, §aVulcan§f, §aWorldBorder§f, §aWorldGuard

    I can provide any of their configs, just ask.

    Any help is appreciated, thank you!
  2. PvPManager is sus
  3. You know how it could it be increasing damage?