Insane tps lag

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  1. First, I highly recommend moving off of 1.14.4 and onto 1.15.2 since 1.14 is just s**t. Second, it looks like "Factions" plugin is causing about 50% of the lag, which is quite a damn lot for a Factions plugin, let alone one plugin. I would recommend looking at the first link in my signature for a guide to optimization as well.
  2. "Factions" is the name of my world it is not the plugin's fault.
  3. Try removing InfernalMobs v5.8
  4. Pehraps I misread, I am not used to seeing spigot timings, mostly paper. I would go ahead and apply the optimization guide in my signature to your server, very specifically anything relating to entities such as decreasing mob limits in bukkit.yml to the guide's recommended values and the entity-activation-range in spigot.yml
  5. The weird part here is that i see in server consol that my server is lagging. I restart and after the restart even after all the player logging back again everything is fine. And then in a random moment everything starts lagging once more.
  6. For example for one hour already my server runs steady on 20 tps with the same amount of players. Its really weird.
  7. What are you hosting this on? It seems like it's just slow hardware. But I'm not a timings expert.
  8. If ur hosting on your computer, most people usually don't recommend hosting on your SSD (usually C:\) as it may be slow at times due to it being used for several Windows stuff. Try to use your HDD (Data drive or anything) to host if you haven't done already.
  9. I am not hosting on my pc. I host on shockbyte. I know what it is not "a gem" but i cannot beleive that they cannot handle 10 players. I am pretty sure something else is up.
  11. I have run timings 4-5 times already and this was the only time that infernal mobs had an impact. I know it is not the issue thats why i did not reply.
  12. 7 seconds for a world save is pretty ridiculous.

    What does /gc show when this is happening?
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  13. i use shockbyte myself and have 7+ servers with them none of them have lagged before when ive had that many players on can i ask how much ram you are using
  14. 'Timings' do not tell the whole story!
    Please post a server.log from the start-up to at least 10 minutes of running.
  15. I am using 6 GB
  16. I am going to reply to you when a lag spikr occurs.
  17. upload_2020-2-18_20-18-3.png
    These seem to many chunks to me for 6 playes with render distance on 5.

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  18. Yeah, but your TPS was 20. What's the output when your TPS is 10?
  19. can you also do this to please just remove players IP from the log