insert large map (region files) into existing server?

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  1. I want to drop a very large 3rd party map (48 world region .mca files) into my existing world. I want to put this premade map far from already-explored chunks, but the region files provided from the 3rd party are centered at 0,0 ... the area of my existing spawn that's already built up

    can i rename the world region and poi files, by shifting the titles by however many megachunk i need to go? Do i need to modify the level.dat file as well?

    im sure this has been answered somewhere else but i haven't had much luck googling it, so any help even a link will be appreciated

  2. I think its much safer to copy the build into your existing map using world edit, make sure you make backups though.
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  3. what are you doing is dangerous, make sure you have backup
    but as the comment above me suggested, that's a good thing to do, though sometime world edit mess up the stairs
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  4. Strahan


    If you want it far from existing areas, then why not just use it as a separate world? That'd be much easier and safer.
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  5. well, worldedit screws up a lot of blocks in 1.16, so i dont want to do that. and my CPU/RAM cant handle pasting 48 megachunks, i don't think. it nearly lost its mind pasting 4 mcas worth of a colosseum. I guess i better make it a separate world.

    this means i have to use bungeecord to connect them, yeah? ive never done this, but i know theres tons of info about that, so i can go look it up
  6. You could use async worldedit but if it messes up a lot of blocks that wont work either. BungeeCord isn't too hard to set up, so if thats an option you should give it a try.
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  7. If you just need a separate world why not use something like Multiverse?
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  8. thank you all for your help. i was so fixed on doing it one way, i couldnt see other more obvious ways :D