Installed CraftBukkit but says Spigot is outdated

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  1. I installed my first Minecraftserver on my own computer, a CraftBukkit 1.17 a few weeks ago and it have run just fine 24/7.

    A few days ago i restarted my server and got the message that my the build is outdated. I followed the link in the message, did the download of the buildtools and installed it like the guide say, but when I start my CraftBukkit server, it still says the build i outdated. The update did create some new folders and a spigot.1.16.5.jar file. I have always started my Bukkit.jar file and not this new spigot.jar file. I don't know what Spigot and CraftBukkit has to do with each other, but I did not install a Spigot server but a CraftBukkit server.

    I asked this question in the Minecraftforum website, but they told me to ask in the Spigot forum. Thats why I'm here now

  2. Cause this isn’t the last spigot build, you downloaded the jar from a website instead of building it yourself using the buildtools. You’re not up to date but it’ll still run fine. If you want latest version run build tools 1.17.x.
  3. Thanks. I'll see if I can fix it.

    This might be a stupid question, but what has Spigot to do with CraftBukkit. Does CraftBukkit use Spigot to run and that's why I got this message ? As I told I installed CraftBukkit, not Spigot
  4. I’m pretty sure Craft bukkit doesn’t exist on 1.17… you’re probably using spigot. Do /version and show the output. If it says craft bukkit it’s probably a fork and I wouldn’t trust that…
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  5. Spigot is a fork of CraftBukkit. The reason modern CraftBukkit makes references to Spigot is because CraftBukkit is now maintained by Spigot developers.
  6. I don't know why you use Craftbukkit. Use spigot.
  7. I wouldn't say it's an untrusted source because craftbukkit.
    You are able to build craftbukkit using some flag.
    Using craftbukkit in general isn't recommended and supported anymore.
    Spigot is just Craftbukkit with addition of bungee-components. I wouldn't expect that big performance patches are available on spigot anymore.
  8. Thanks for your answers :)

    My kids has bulid a lot of stuff on this craftbukkit server, would it be possible to install a Spigot server and transfer the "world" folder to this new Spigot server and my kids will be able to keep all the stuff they has build or is it not an option ?
  9. You should be fine replacing the craftbukkit jar with the spigot jar. Don't forget to backup.
  10. CraftBukkit is basically vanilla Minecraft but allows the use of plugins. Spigot is built on top of CraftBukkit, and has additional features and changes.

    It is recommended to use Spigot.

    Do not download server .jar files from other sites. You build your own using BuildTools. Download the BuildTools .jar file from
    Put it in its own folder; don't use spaces in the folder name. Then run it with java -jar BuildTools.jar --rev 1.17

    You'll also need Java 16, which you probably have since you're already running a server.

    After a few minutes, it should complete, and you'll have a Spigot 1.17 .jar file. Replace your CraftBukkit file with that. Update any .bat file you use to start your server accordingly.

    Run BuildTools every few days to make sure you stay up to date. Note that 1.17.1 will be released next week.
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  11. Additionally you should not run it in folders synced by a cloud software like OneDrive/Dropbox/GoogleDrive as this results in issues.