Installing HTTPS on my website

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by dwilson5817, May 20, 2015.

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  1. Hi there guys,

    I currently have a VPS running Sentora (renamed version of zPanel). I was wondering if someone could walk me though installing an SSL certificate on my website.

    I currently am using StartSSL and have my website verified. As it is, HTTPS is available however this is only via cloud flare, I wish to install an SSL certificate on my server too.

    Any help on how to do this?

    Note: I do know about however it is quite confusing.

    //I am really new to SSL so that's why I hoped a more knowledgeable member could help me :)

  2. Keep in mind you will have to completely ditch cloudflare's protection for this to work. A big downside, but there's no good way around it.

    EDIT: With the professional cloudflare plan you can host your certificate on cloudflare, but it's very expensive.
  3. This thread if from mid-may. Since then I have improved my knowlege of Linux and I am no longer using Sentora; simply Apache.
  4. Oh man, I didn't bother reading the post date, I just saw it in "New posts" and assumed you needed help.
  5. No problem, I'm going to report the OP now to avoid it being bumped again.
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